Protection Zone

437 Hectares protection zone.

In foothills of Los Andes in VI Region of Chile, the eastern edge of the Claro river in the middle of a native forest of more than 1,000 hectares sprout naturally the Vertientes Alta and Baja, whose millenary waters come from the Andean peaks and are protected by 437 hectares of all industrial activity (the greatest protection area of central Chile) this area is protected by a natural curtain of greenery and outstanding characteristic of this pre mountainous area; not allowing the farm or buildings, ensuring Vertientes Alta and Baja stay free from contamination.

Water main features.

    - PREMIUM - excellent quality

    - Declared HEALING SPRING - optimal hydration and protection of human health

    - Low-sodium (VA 10.30 mg / l - VB 13.29 mg / l) / 5

    - 437 hectares. PROTECTION ZONE

    - 0% POLLUTION VULNERABILITY - Thanks to its geographical location. Because the field has a curtain of natural protection toward all angles which does not allow construction and possible contaminations. To observe at 360° - visit

    - FLOW VA and VB 6.5 l / sec – 204.000.000 liters / year